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CYCLONE Pro – The F3J/F5J high performance glider for the next winning generation

Superb flight performance combined with elegant appearance – that’s how everyone describes the brand new CYCLONE Pro – a further development of CYCLONE.
Designed by Dieter Perlick and Stephan Lämmlein, extra special attention has been given to the launch phase and the thermal seeking abilities of the new model.



The aerofoils of the wings and tailplanes have been created carefully for the slow flying speeds and Reynolds numbers, particularly for low wing loadings, so minimising the need for extra ballasting to penetrate against windy conditions. What is new for the model world is that the design of aerofoils for wing and tail has been judged by the use of wind tunnel tests. The experimental tunnel programme also covered  trials with the flow around the wing/tails/fuselage joints.

After giving highest priority to the flight performance of CYCLONE, the designers gave equal priority and value to elegance. It means that the fuselage has been kept slim and slender, harmonising perfectly with the outlines of the wings and tails. The two-piece wing allows the mounting with the fuselage to be made without bolts and and makes for easy assembly on the flying field. CYCLONE Pro looks and gives the pilot a comfortable and confident feeling, it offers easy steering and piloting on all axes, and well behaved flight characteristics.

The CYCLONE Pro is first choice without doubt for the keen contest pilot. But equally important, it is also special and attractive for the thermal enthusiast, whose aim and satisfaction is to stay in the air as long as possible.

CYCLONE Pro is available by choice in V- or X-tail format.

 STANDARD LAYUP: TeXtreme®/Carbon wings with Herex Sandwich. Carbon spar. Ballast possible in wingjoiner. Flying weight from 1650 g (depending on used RC equipment)

COLOR DESIGN: Model is available in different colors. 3 colors are included in price. For eachadditional color we charge extra 50 EUR. Neon colors are extra charged 50 EUR each. Block stripes on bottom of wings are surcharged 50 EUR. Custom designs are available up to agreement and accepting longer delivery times