Ventus 2cx (FULL CARBON)


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The Ventus 2c by the Schempp-Hirth company is a racing class sailplane designed and manufactured in accordance with the most recent research in the field. The Ventus-2 range of sailplanes is one of the most successful model ranges to emerge over the last decade. The 2cx version features all well proven high performances along with a new design.



Some of the dimensions on our VENTUS 2cx have been slightly altered from true scale in order to ensure superb flying performance and handling. Just like the original sailplane, the model features ailerons and camber-changing flaps. The movements of the ailerons and camber-changing flaps are 100% superimposed, making the model highly maneuverable. By deploying correctly the flaps full-span, the VENTUS 2cx covers an exceptionally broad speed range.

The 6 piece full CARBON wing with detachable winglets makes your model – despite its size – very easy transportable. You need to install up to 4 servos in each composite wing.  The elevator servo cleanly fits inside the vertical fin in its own fiberglass tray. The hollow molded rudder and stabilizer are already pre-hinged with linkages installed. Designed with the intermediate pilot needs in mind, the Ventus 2cx is a joy to fly – it thermals well and is fun on the slopes, it lands in remarkably small areas due to generous flaps and spoilers.